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Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 04:49:38 EET

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After the entry of WTO, China starts to become the factory of the world.

Does your company have a product that's locally made and you are headache
on lowering down the cost to be more competitive?

Innovation is critical for a company to survive in this competitive world.
Do you (or you know a friend who might) have an idea or invention that
might have great potential in market place but you do not have a Research
& Development (R&D) department to make the idea come to real? Or they
cost millions of dollars or even billions of dollars and several years
which it's not affordable?

The solution is outsourcing the design and/or manufacturing to China.

This is a contact from China (we do not always knock your doors). We have
experienced industrial designers team and professional affiliates plus
plenty of facilities to turn your idea to prototype till mass production
at a small portion of the cost comparing the products being manufactured

Our Tools:
3D(Dimension) Surface (Exterior) & Internal Structure Design: Pro/E, UG.
Rapid Prototyping: SLA, CNC.
Integrated Circuit Design: Protel, OrCAD.

We mainly focus on electronics but not limited to it. The matured technology
includes wireless control, Audio & video wireless transmission, automatic
counting, Voice control, Ergonomic design, CD-ROM reproduction, etc.

Besides of electronics, we can also work on metal, ceramic, paper, glass,
rubber, wood etc.

We respect the privacy and exclusiveness of your idea. No matter
it's small like a needle or complicated like a robot (not all kinds of
robots though). It can be a toy, a tool or an appliance. Contact us
with details of your idea (drawings and/or prototype) and our expert
team will check it and let you know whether the relative technology
is matured here in China or not.

For your reference, Shenzhen is located across the border of Hong Kong.
20 years ago Shenzhen is a village with 2000 people. Current population
is 6 million. Shenzhen has the first stock exchange in China. The China
headquarters of many Fortune 500 companies are located here, i.e.,
Wal*Mart, GE, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Panasonic, Sony etc. IBM alone has
three factories here. In the year 2000 Shenzhen was awarded with the
title "World Garden City" when competing with Pheonix etc cities in a
contest held by UN. There are about 2,000 buildings that are over 25 floors.
In some degree, Shenzhen is the Chinese Silicone Valley. There's a national
high-tech fair being held here every October:

Share this article with your friends. We are convinced that your friends
will be grateful for such a favour.

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with "remove" on the subject line.

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(Vice President, Overseas Marketing)
Shenzhen Narda Industrial Co., Ltd.
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     Bagua 1st Road, Shenzhen 518029, P.R.China
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