FDM2000 for sale - let's try again.

From: KDL Solutions (kevin@kdlsolutions.net)
Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 17:34:24 EET

I posted an off-lease FDM2000 for offer last week with a fair amount of
response. However, all of you wanted me to quote a price versus making an
offer. I finally got an asking price from the leasing company and then got
beat up by you guys because of that price. I've invited you to forget the
asking price and make an offer with no hard feelings - but no response so
far. So.....back to the start. I have more information on the unit and it
is open to the highest offer - whatever that may be.

*Leased in Dec. 1999
*Serial # 2273
*It is still making parts currently - lease ends next week.
*The user claims it is in excellent condition - cosmetically. It is kept in
a very clean environment. I have digital pictures if needed.
*The head is in good condition.
*Two things will need calibration: Road Width and Z Axis - neither of which
is bad enough to keep current production down.
*Unit was under service contract.

Unit will be sold without warranty. Buyer is able to inspect and test the
unit at user's site in Ohio. Buyer is responsible for all transportation
setup and costs. Payment terms are pre-pay via wire transfer or cashiers

Thank you.
Kevin Lilley
KDL Solutions
130 Nightwind Trace
Acworth, GA 30101
678-574-3093 ph
678-574-3094 fax

KDL Solutions
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Chatsworth, CA 91311

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