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Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 16:54:29 EET

Depending on how many "shells" were created, you can use Magics or Solidview
and save each shell as an .stl. Then, you are able to merge them with
Magics and it does a pretty good job of eliminating the "extra" areas that
would have been double scanned. I the main part is there and all of the
elements of that part are there as well, you can just delete the elements
and keep the whole. You can just select a shell and delete it. We use this
primarily when a customer has sent us multiple parts in one .stl and it
can't be divided easily.

Or, just let them double scan. Thats the easiest.

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Hi guys,

I have a STL file of an assembly that was created in SDRC I-DEAS.

The person who did all the design work on it, while still in I-DEAS, merged
all the individual parts into one supposedly solid piece. Then he exported
that merged piece out as an STL file and is asking me to make a model of it
for him.

The problem is that when I go and look at the preview of the laser scans for
each layer, I can clearly see that it is still taking each individual part
of the original assembly and treating it as if it were a separate element.

Anywhere two of the elements overlap . .. the Sinterstation is actually
going to scan those areas twice (or three times if there are three objects
occupying the same space)

I had the same problem with some architectural models that were sent to me
one time . .and the architect was able unify or merge all the parts in a
different way so they became one completely solid piece.

He was working in some AutoDesk product or another though, so he couldn't
help with IDEAS.

Anyone have any sort of clue how to handle this?

I'd hate to have to resort to exporting everything out in IGES (or some
other format) and then importing it again and finally saving it as an STL.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Scott Tilton

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