From: STEVE LUKAS (lksi8@netscape.net)
Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 16:14:00 EET


As widely and correctely too reported in most celebrated International mass media
notably the Cable News Network (CNN), British Broadcasting Service (BBC) and other local stations, events in Cote D'Ivoire a hitherto serene country in Africa is turning for the worst. Recently, mutinous forces loyal to the opposition party attacked government soldiers that resulted to the wanton destruction of
lives and properties. All efforts by the United Nations Secetary General, Mr Kofi Anan, western powers led by United States and Britian and African Leaders to bring sanity to this country has failed.

During this melee however, the wife of the President, Her Excellency, Mrs Gbagbo was able to airfreight to Europe the sum of Fifty Million United States Dollars ($50m) because of her fears of not knowing the outcome of this conflict. She was
assisted by one of the friendly countries who came to evacuate her citizens from this troubled spot. It was airfreighted in luggages labelled as "diplomatic valuables". It is currently with a courier security firm in Europe. Those who airfreighted it and the security firm now in position of it are not aware of the contents.

Sequel to this development, I, STEVE LUKAS an attorney by proffession have been mandated by the first lady to look for an honest and a reliable foreign partner who will cliam the fund deposited with the security company, lodge it in his
name in his designated bank and if the need arises, he can also help invest the fund in real estate or any other business/s that yields high returns.

All the necessary legal documents: Certificate of Deposit, Airwaybill and a Power of Attorney will be prapared for you that will enable you cliam this money without any risk will be sent to you. You will also be introduced to the security firm officially.

If this proposal appeals to you, please let me have your telephone and fax numbers and contact address so that I can call you to discuss this issue further.

For all your efforts, you will be compensated with 30% of the total fund. My e-mail address is very private. ( stevelk654@nestcape.net)

Waiting for your urgent response.

Steve Lukas.

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