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From: Jeffrey Everett (
Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 23:23:45 EET

Got it Scott. I read Charles reply before I read yours...

Sorry I couldn't have been of help. I've scaled down parts before and had to
deal with the issues of parts becoming too small or weak to be viable. I had
no idea you were referring to a scaled model. My apologies to the engineer
and to you.

This is a tough problem that I would normally address at the NURBS level at

Good Luck!!!


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> I may be way off, but here's an idea no one presented. Ask the designer to
> fix the part so there are no overlapping edges...
> Jeffrey Everett
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> Unfortunately things aren't always that simple I'm afraid.
> In the full sized assembly (as opposed to this 1:18 model that I'm going
> make) the parts don't overlap.
> There are all sorts of detailed bits of components and hardware and things
> of that nature in the actual assembly model.
> Funny things happen when you shrink things to 1/18th original size though.
> Sometimes you need to stick in a few extra supports here and there or beef
> few things up because they are too small to be made on an RP machine. Or
> even delete some of the detail that when it is shrunk down so small,
> essentially be comes noise to the laser trying to scan them.
> The engineer's time is obviously not inexpensive . . . and the more time
> has to spend adapting the model to make it RP'able in small scale . . .the
> more expensive the model becomes and the less likely that they will use RP
> as part of their design and review process.
> While I appreciate the flood of helpful suggestions and even offers to
> fix the file and make it one truly merged part, what it turns out that I
> really need is "been there done that" type of advice for saving STL files
> (or joined assemblies) specifically in I-DEAS.
> I can see how MAGICS, or DeskArtes or any number of other products would
> an invaluable tool for dealing with such issues on regular basis.
> Unfortunately (or maybe I should say fortunately?) These types of
> don't crop up often enough for me to justify buying such a software
> right now.
> Thanks for all the help and ideas.
> Keep them coming.
> Scott Tilton

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