Request for your intervention at 3D MODELLING 2003 Conference, April 2003

Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 12:00:11 EET

Ladies and gentlemen, dear all,

Since 1996, you know Numerisation 3D, Human Modelling and SCANNING. Now the new name of this International symposium is "3D MODELLING" and is going to be held on 23-24 april 2003 in Paris.

The organising committee is calling for papers with a first abstract deadline of 21 december 2002.
Together in the same place, you will find one exhibition and three conferences . This is what it's all about:

1- NUM 3D - 3D Solid Digitising & Modelling:

CAD and 3-D data acquisition technologies (3-D digitising, X-ray tomography, image-based strategies);

range data processing (3-D point clouds.); image processing (shape from shading.); inspection and control (point cloud-based, feature-based); reverse engineering RE (rapid surface reconstruction, feature recognition, CAD-driven RE); application review: product development, conceptual design, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, virtual environments, multimedia, web3D, architecture, plant design.

 2. 3D HUMAN - 3D Human Digitising & Modelling (ex HUMAN MODELLING)

Human body scanning devices, software... Applications: anthropometry, clothing industry, automotive crash modelling, ergonomy, dummies, clones and avatars, web 3D, multimedia, biometry...

 3. 3D MEDICAL - 3D Medical Scanning & Modelling:

For the first time, a new conference for medical imaging, simulation and modelling, a new link between physicians, engineers and doctors: data acquisition, image processing, interventional imagery, surgical application, biomedical engineering...

Technical and scientific committees:



    Alain BERNARD, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France

2. Chief: Pascal LERAY - FRANCE TELECOM R&D, France

3. Chief: Dr Farid TAHA - University Hospital of Amiens, France

    Dr Laura DEKKER - 3d MD, UK

 Submission information :

a Submission of Abstracts (8-10 lines) : 21th of December 2002

  These abstracts should summarise the intended content of the paper and the substantive issues it will raise.

  Please let your text to

b Notification of acceptance : 30th of January 2003

c Submission of proceedings : 15th of March 2003

 Please see all the information on and consult our NewsLetter at


We really hope to see you in Paris!

With our best wishes.

HARBOUR Conferences
Dinard - FRANCE

PS: please, feel free to forward it to your circle!

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