Discontinued and Used Equipment for Vacuum Casting

From: Olinda Rush (orush@mcpsystems.com)
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 22:40:55 EET

MCP Systems has a few discontinued or used ovens and Vacuum Casting machines
in stock in our Fairfield, CT warehouse. The discontinued units include a
full warrantee and the used equipment includes a six (6) month warrantee.
Please contact me at orush@mcpsystems.com or 800.MCP.0222 for equipment
types, sizes, condition, and availability.

Olinda W. Rush
General Manager
MCP Systems
phone - 203.367.7761 x 248
toll free - 800.MCP.0222
cell - 973.452.8274
FAX - 203.368.4787

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