From: KDL Solutions (kevin@kdlsolutions.net)
Date: Wed Dec 18 2002 - 07:08:47 EET

Wow - I'm certainly glad to get you guys going!! I just checked back in and
I don't quite understand it - but what the hell - I'll laugh with you.

Thanks for your marketing suggestions, offers, and sharing your Holiday
Spirit. Being in the computer business and not knowing a sole in your
industry, I thought posting this would have been the smart way to let users
and those familiar with the machine know that there is one available. I
assumed this was a forum of professionals in your industry but it seems I
was mistaken. Someone mentioned this was not the place but I researched the
threads prior to posting and I read many messages of "want to buys" and
machines for sale. Why some of you decided to have fun with it - who knows
/ who cares? Someone is still going to get a great deal.

Happy Holidays to all.

Kevin Lilley
KDL Solutions
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KDL Solutions
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