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From: Timothy J Gornet (
Date: Wed Dec 18 2002 - 16:08:46 EET

Accuracy or consistency? A better thing to measure would be an unscaled
part and see how the dimensions vary and range with different powder
types. What is most important is that the result is consistent so that
you can develop accurate scale and offset numbers for the system to give
you accurate parts. Scale and offset do vary with powder heat history.
That is why most SLS users preach powder consistency. If you used only
virgin powder and calculated the scale and offsets for that powder you
should get excellent parts with good dimensional stability and 3D
Systems will love you for buying more powder.


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>>> ramanathan baranitharan <> 12/17/02 11:24PM >>>

dear friends

I am a post graduate student doing research in Selective Laser
sintering Polymer powders at PSG College of Technology

Machine : Sinterstation 2500 plus

material : Duraform PA (polyamide)

In my experiments I infer that accuracy of exposed powder is better
that that of fresh powder with 11W laser power

what may be the reason behind it?

Before this experimentation we assumed that fresh powder may give
better dimensional accuracy and using only fresh powder for industrial


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