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Date: Wed Dec 18 2002 - 16:33:21 EET


I think we are all glad you are going to give someone a great deal. However
by the offense you appear to have taken, your statement of not knowing any
of us I would believe is very accurate. It is unfortunate that you have
received this misperception.

It is my opinion that you may have been able to avoid all of the thread
(including mine) had you simply put an asking price in you e-mail. That
probably would have generated some commentary, but it might have been more
along the professional lines you were expecting.

Although I would not be looking to purchase the piece at market value, I am
curious about what the asking price is. For some reason I do not anticipate
it being the typical $1 buy-out most lease to own contracts have. Perhaps
you could put what the asking price is or at least what the buy-out of the
lease is.

I hope I don't come off to offensive. Have a safe and happy holidays!


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> Wow - I'm certainly glad to get you guys going!! I just checked back in
> I don't quite understand it - but what the hell - I'll laugh with you.
> Thanks for your marketing suggestions, offers, and sharing your Holiday
> Spirit. Being in the computer business and not knowing a sole in your
> industry, I thought posting this would have been the smart way to let
> and those familiar with the machine know that there is one available. I
> assumed this was a forum of professionals in your industry but it seems I
> was mistaken. Someone mentioned this was not the place but I researched
> threads prior to posting and I read many messages of "want to buys" and
> machines for sale. Why some of you decided to have fun with it - who
> / who cares? Someone is still going to get a great deal.
> Happy Holidays to all.
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