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From: Brad Fox (bfox@generalpattern.com)
Date: Thu Jan 02 2003 - 17:09:39 EET

Dear RT colleagues, customers and friends,

Please allow me to update everyone on the status of our work with the 3D
Keltool technology. Many of you know that my company, Rapid Tooling
Technologies (RTT) based in St. Paul, Minnesota was the sole 3D Keltool
site in the US. I am excited to announce some significant business
developments regarding the technology and the services we are now providing.

Company Update
As of December 21st, the 3D Keltool site was purchased by General Pattern
Company (www.generalpattern.com) - a worldwide leader in rapid prototyping
and rapid tooling. From the beginning RTT's business strategy was two-fold;
a) complete specific R&D objectives, then; b) initiate a product launch of
3D Keltool and the enhanced services provided. Combining RTT's 3D Keltool
site into General Pattern completes our business strategy and readies us for
a market launch.

The equipment move is now underway and the new 3D Keltool line will be
operational on/about January 15, 2003.

Technology Update
The focus of RTT's work has been to standardize the process, increase the
accuracy and predictability of the process, and to add some proprietary
post-finishing process methodology that will streamline the application of
Keltool inserts into existing tooling processes.

General Pattern was the right home for the next stage of this technology.
Combining it with the other RT technologies in-house at GP will enable it to
be pushed farther. GP's other RT technologies include: SLS of inserts,
Deckel Maho's DML 40SI laser machining equipment, and high speed CNC milling

Full Solution now available!
Most importantly, we can now offer customers who desire it - a complete
turnkey solution by installing the Keltool inserts into bases and delivering
a complete working tool. Or - another option - is to have the inserts post
machined here and then sent for mold assembly at your facility.

Anyone who has any questions, please feel free to contact me at my new
number below:


Brad Fox
General Pattern Company

Ph: 763-780-3518

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