Need help with scan of 3D model

From: Mark Zeiner (
Date: Fri Jan 03 2003 - 08:00:42 EET

I need to get a small part scanned so that we can create a mold cavity.
The part is 3.75 inches in the X direction and 1.75 in the Y direction
and .375 deep in the Z direction. The part is mounted in a square block
of wood and we just need the top surface scan. We are looking for an
accurate surface model so that we can bring it into a CAD system. Nurbs
surfaces or point cloud that we can turn into surfaces. I understand
that there are scanners out there that could do a part like this in
about ten minutes or so? Anybody have one of these machines that would
be interested in quoting on this part please respond directly to me.
Also how is the economy out there? Anybody need any Prototype Molds
made? If so we have some capacity right now.
Mark Zeiner
IdeasMold LLC
513-238-6097 <>

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