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Date: Fri Jan 03 2003 - 18:40:53 EET

       Ernst is being funny but truthfully honest. In reality, you will
not find a
       a turnkey system today that can scan a life horse quick enough to
       achieve what you want to do. InYourImage has come close
       to what you want to do, they built a booth with 6 cameras and
       they scan people's head including children.
        Head is easier because it is mostly a convex shape without
        under side, and you can tell children not to move, but horse...
Ping Fu
Raindrop Geomagic

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Hello John,
The simple approch is: kill it, freeze it and scan it. I am not sure if
this is safe?
The actual data gathering in scanning an area with a white light scanner
takes, depending on the used system, typically from 40 seconds down to
one second. Our systems (ATOS and ATOS II) data gathering time are
typically 4 to 15 seconds (depending on the user selected parameters and
exposure times).
In addition, the patching of multiple shots is not well defined if the
object moves.
Therefore the systems built for “engineering applications” are usually
not an ideal match for randomly moving objects and we recommend using an
artist to build a model. Then we can digitize the model to allow you to
start modifications or production.
For more details, please visit our web site’s application notes area at: or
similar or keep us informed
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Dear RP List,
    I was looking for a way to scan a horse. Does anyone have ideas that
are fast and safe?
John Mastoloni
M2 Systems

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