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Date: Mon Jan 06 2003 - 16:08:08 EET

Hello Jamie,

Blade gap is one of the most influential process parameters for achieving flat upfills and good recoating. For every SL resin and part build style, there is an optimum combination of recoat parameters to create the best possible SL Part; % Blade gap, recoater speed, preferred blade gap, z-wait and predip delay. As many SL operators know, there are many combinations which will create speed and a quality part build.

Complicating this a bit more is the recoater blade physical blade gap set by yourself or the field engineer. This is mechanical setting at the machine which can introduce yet another variable in the process matrix. Variations in consistent blade gap settings can disturb upfills and display the mounding you describe.

If you are the inquisitive type and like cause and effect relationships, you can perform a battery of recoat tests with a problematic geometry to achieve improved upfills.

Preferred Blade gap is defined by the equation

PBG = [(G% * LT) / 100%] - LT

PBG = Preferred blade gap; this is a value in your buildstation resin file. Note, this value is ALWAYS in inches, even if you build in mm.
G% = Blade Gap % as defined in your Lightyear recoat style
LT = Layer thickness

For each test iteration, vary your G% (in 100% increments; i.e. 200, 300, 400) and solve the equation for PBG. Use these values in matched pairs. Find the parameters that create the best surface finish, especially upfill.

Or, you can skip the above and have your resin supplier send a Field Service person to do the work for you!

Best regards.

Steve Deak
Mgr-SL Field Support
Vantico, Inc.
4917 Dawn Avenue
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Subject: blade gap on SLA7000

Hi All

Has anyone got any comments on the blade gap setting
for the SLA7000 using 300ND resin. There are 2
settings, one for ACES and the other for Quickcast.
On the ACES build if you have a top surface that is
flat, there is a 'dome' effect! Any comments?

Regards Jamie

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