102 US Patents and Applications Issued Related to Rapid Prototyping from 10/8/02

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Good Morning:

The latest edition of the RP Patent Alert Newsletter is now available on The
WORLDWIDE GUIDE TO RAPID PROTOTYPING web site. Thirty-seven RP patents were
issued during the period and another sixty-five RP applications were
published. For the last several months, RP intellectual property
developments have accelerated to about twice last year's rate.

The detailed Highlights Newsletter covering: RP Technology, Manufacturing and
Tooling, Materials, Medical Applications of RP, Product Design Applications,
Business Methods and other topics is NO LONGER POSTED TO THE RPML and other
forums. You can still read it without charge two ways:

1) On our web site, click the "Patents" button at the top, or use the direct
link in the left-hand navigation column. The Worldwide Guide To Rapid
Prototyping web site is located at:

2) Have the Highlights Newsletter sent to you by email. To be added to our
mailing list, send an email message to:


and simply write UPDATE ME in the subject line.

You will be notified by email when we add new features to the Worldwide Guide
and also receive The RP Patent Alert Newsletter. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE JUNK
EMAIL FROM OTHER SOURCES IF YOU SIGN UP. Our mailing list is not for sale.

In the web version of the newsletter, we now provide direct links to most of
the patent summary pages making it very easy to follow up on an interesting
item. Here's a direct link to the newsletter:


If you're interested in the development of RP technology, you'll find this a
very easy way to keep up to date. Our entire patent database now includes
over 1,300 rapid prototyping patents and applications.

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