Re[2]: Scan a horse

From: Ricardo Pinelas - X-trusion - (
Date: Tue Jan 07 2003 - 21:42:07 EET

Hello Bill,

B> Is there a service out there where I could send a simple photo of an
B> ornamental piece without undercuts and get a 3D surface model?

Yes, we can do this for you.
We are a spanish based company working on 3D modeling for
architecture, jewelry and videogames.

If you send to us a simple photo and the dimensions of the object, we
could quote this for you :)
We usually work with Rhinoceros and 3dstudio max.

If you want yo see some of our 3d modelings works look at:

The page is in spanish (SORRY)

Best Regards,
Ricardo Pinelas Rapid Prototyping, 3D modeling and digitizing.

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