Re: Raster to Vector

From: IMService (
Date: Wed Jan 08 2003 - 23:22:21 EET


For your Raster to Vector conversion of your logo, you might try
RasterFratz. It creates two types of output which are usable for
CNC cutting machines, either DXF or G-code. There is a free
30 day demo, and the program is being reduced to $75 this month.

The development concept was to produce cutting files, not pretty artwork.
Therfore you will find simple sliders to adjust number of coplors, image
liteness or contrast, and smoothness of the outlines. All the outlines
form closed contours to lend themselves to various patterning and
pocketing material removal techniques.

Very easy to get good results with only a minute or two of practice.

Best Regards,

Fred Smith

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