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Thanks for the link. Several of the paragraphs could apply to many
fields, not just architecture. Even with all the strides that RP has
made into the engineering world, we give presentations at many companies
where the engineering staff is unaware of the various choices in
materials and technologies available to them today. And not just in
small companies but Fortune 50 companies as well. Unluckily, this can
still be evident in recently graduated engineers. While every single
one of our mechanical engineering students utilize RP in multiple
courses and research, I would still venture a guess that while some
schools may have RP equipment it may not be readily available for day to
day use by students. This can be due to equipment cost, material costs,
lack of personnel, equipment earmarked for research only, etc... Hmmm,
time for Elaine's RP in a box discussion to come to light again...

As far as architecture, in general we see the "artistic" design areas
(architecture, industrial design, etc...) tend to not utilize RP to the
extent that the mechanical design community does. Obviously, there are
exceptions to this rule. Some problems can still be software related,
are all the architecture models a solid?

Steinar Killi at the Oslo School of Architecture has given a great
presentation the last two years at the SLS Users conference on
architectural applications of RP and SLS in particular. One of his
examples was a planned condo type community that was situated on a
series of hills. A light was used to simulate how the sun tracked in the
sky during the winter and summer so that prospective buyers could even
see how much light their particular unit would receive. All was done in
SLS. Hopefully he will see this message and maybe post some more of his

Good luck,

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>>> Makai Smith <> 01/09/03 08:19AM >>>
I am posting a link to the farewell address by the president of the
Institute of Architects, Gordon H. Chong, delivered 06 Dec 2002.

It seemed like an unlikely yet interesting place to see mention of RP
paragraph five).

As an architect, I impressed by the reluctance of my profession to
proactively apply computing and RP/CAM technology as a design and
construction tool let alone as an intellectual asset within the

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