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Date: Fri Jan 10 2003 - 15:55:33 EET

Hi Ben,

Sintering temperature depends on the type of ceramic you are using. The
definition of "low temperature" also varies widely (eg:

In my experience I have never come across any ceramic that sinters anywhere
near as low as 150 degC. The lowest I've come across is a dental porcelain
which will sinter to (alledgedly) full density at 970 degC. There are ways
of modifying the sintering behaviour of glasses/ceramics using fluxes, for
example pure silica glass sinters at around 1,700 deg, but can be made to
form a fully dense glass at 1,000 degC if you put enough borax into the mix.

I personally wouldn't fancy your chances of finding anything, but would be
very interested to hear more if anyone else comes up with a solution.


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Hi RP people

Does anyone have experience of sintering ceramic? If so I need to know if
there is a process that sinters ceramic at low temperature (max 150 degrees
C) and if so what are the properties of the sintered material. I need to
prototype a small electronic component which in production would be potted
in ceramic.

Kind Regards
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