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Date: Fri Jan 10 2003 - 17:29:44 EET

If you are looking for the time that the last layer was Sintered (end of
build stage) then you can use the Browselog utility and filter the data to
find the "slicer_killed" entry. The timestamp will give you exactly when the
last layer was sintered.
If you want to know when the machine hit the last layer of cool down stage,
then search for "part bed loop duty cycle" and when it hit "0", it shut off
for good, and once again, the time stamp tells all.

David Leigh was absolutely correct about the little "bug" in the code that
"Should" allow you to open the door at 99.9 degrees, but often doesn't, so
when the temp is safe and it still will not allow you to open, terminate the
build and restart the application, it should reset the PLC and allow you to
open now.

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This may seem like a really simple question but I'll ask it anyway.

I'm trying to keep better records on the time that the Sinterstation is in
use this year.

The default settings generate and "end of build" message after the part bed
temperatures drop to 85C.

However in reality . .. the safety logic system won't let you open the door
until the temperature drops to a predetermine "safe" level.

So in essence . .the machine is still in use . . and really the build is not
(Yes I know there are ways around this and you can fool the temperature
sensors so the door can be opened early. That isn't what I'm trying to do)

I'd like the "build complete" message to come AFTER the temperatures have
dropped below the pre-set safety levels so that the door can be opened.

Can I simply drop the part heater set point to 50C for the last .005" of the
build to accomplish this?

I'll admit that I've haven't ever tampered much with the cool down stage
settings before, and when I have, a few times I've screwed up and generated
some error messages.
So I thought I'd check with the RPML brain trust before I tried it.

Plus . . I haven't seen an SLS comments on here for a while so I thought I'd
throw one in.

Thanks in Advance.

Scott Tilton

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