Date: Sun Jan 12 2003 - 13:19:41 EET

                                                                   URGENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL.
 Dear sir,
I am an accountant with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and, also a member of the Contract Review committee. Presently, I'm on a special diplomatic duty in the Nigeria foreign office in Amsterdam,the Netherlands. A contract for the construction and laying of oil pipelines network from Warri-Port-Harcourt-Kaduna.has been awarded to a local firm and, this contract was over invoiced to the tune of Nine Million,Six Hundred Thousand United State Dollars (US$9. 6Million).
The over invoicing was a deal by my committee to benefit from the project, and now the local contractor have been fully paid but, the over invoiced amount is still floating in one of the offshore banks of Central Bank of Nigeria in Canada .We now desire to transfer this money which is presently in a suspense account of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) into any overseas account which we expect you to provide for us, if you are capable and able.
For providing, the account where we shall remit the money,you will be entitled to 20% of the money,70% will be for myself and my partners,the remaining 10% will be set aside to settle all expenses incurred by both parties.
I would require the following;
1.Bank name and Address
2.Name of Beneficiary
3 Company Name and Address
4. Account Number.
5. Confidential Telephone and Fax number of Beneficiary.
 The above information would be used to make formal applications to the appropriate government parastatals such as the Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF), Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as a matter of procedure for the release of the money and onward transfer to the nominated account you would provide. In as much as , we are doing a deal, we would like to comply with all laid down procedures for transfer and contract of this nature. It does not matter whether or not your company did this contract or not. The assumption is that your company was awarded the major contract and subcontracted it out to the local company. We have strong and reliable connections and contacts at the Apex Bank and the Federal Ministry of Finance All we need is a trust worthy foreign partner to assist us in this mutual/beneficial deal.
Therefore, when the business is successfully concluded,we shall through our same connections withdraw all documents used from all the concerned Government Ministries for 100%security.We are civil servants and we do not want this opportunity to miss us, as opportunity loss can never be regained
Please contact me immediately through my above telephone or e-mail address,whether or not you are interested in this deal. If you are not,it will enable me scout for another foreign partner to carry out this deal.But where you are interested, send the required document aforementioned herein without delay,as time is of great essence in this deal.
I await your anticipated co-operation and response.
Best Regards

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