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Date: Sun Jan 12 2003 - 23:25:50 EET

Maybe if you tell us about the machine that made the parts or the CAD or CAM
software that made the code to run the machine we could give you some more
information. Do you know what brand of plasma cutter and control they were

Are your AutoCAD drawings still accurate and up to date? If so you do not
need the files that ran the machine. Have you opened the files with a text
editor to see what’s inside? Do they look like g code (lots of X, Y, Z
values with some G and M codes)?

Good luck,
Henry Sommer

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Hi folks, I have a problem that maybe someone can help with. I have just had
a supplier go belly up on me. They supplied plasma/flame cut parts for me.
They have the only useable versions of the part plots. We had drawn them in
Autocad r13 some 8-9 years ago. Then we had to spend several hours with
their cad person to convert them to a usable plot for the cutting machine.
They had a dual back up system so we didn't worry too much about a copy for
out own records. They now only have a token workforce trying to close up
operations. The cad operator is gone. The office folks were able to get
three different files off their computor. They have the following file
extensions .nif .pnl .snl . Three different files-three different types. I
have never heard of these types nor can I find a way to open them. Anyone
have any suggestions?
Ron Ohler/Ohler Machine

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