AccuDur 100

From: Juha Suokas (juha.suokas@)
Date: Tue Jan 14 2003 - 10:22:36 EET

I trust that some of you have experience in accudur 100 and
transparency. We're considering to order a part made with it and I
believe that it'll turn into a yellowish-brownish color in time, but how
fast will this happen? We need a clear part so this is an issue. I know
we could make a silicon-mold etc. but since we only need one part and
costs are allways an issue...You know what I mean...:O)

Any info appreciated!
Juha S.

Juha Suokas
Mechanical Designer
Teknoware Oy
Ilmarisentie 8, FIN-15200 LAHTI
TEKNOWARE OY, Ilmarisentie 8, FIN-15200 LAHTI
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