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From: Facet Manufacturing (
Date: Wed Jan 15 2003 - 00:42:34 EET

Hi list,

Bill's recent posting regarding jewellery has sparked us to think a little
about overseas.

I know this is essentially advertising, but we are here to swap information
and services.

Facet Manufacturing run our ModelMakerII system as a bureau for those who
require the accuracy and definition possible from the ModelMakerII.

With the Australian Dollar being at approx US$0.58c, and an average ring
costing about $Au90, this works out to approx $50 for a ring!

For a no-obligation quote, or just to discuss your requirements, please do
not hesitate to contact by one of the methods below.

Craig Long and Grant Mildwaters
Facet Manufacturing
"Creating Your Imagination"
Ph. (+61 7) 54928633
Fax. (+61 7) 54928582

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