Re: Can I make PU parts without vacuum casting unit ?

From: Michael Tsenter (
Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 - 01:22:24 EET

Hi Keith:

Yes, it is possible.

You can use a pressure tank to pressurize the liquid silicone (RTV).

Once the mold is ready you can use a pneumatic gun to fill the mold with
resin and then pressurize the mold with liquid resin in it.

You will need the following equipment:

Pressure Tank (based on mold size)
Pneumatic Gun
Oven (optional)

We can supply you with all of these, including de-gassed PU resin

You can even make parts without the Pneumatic Gun, but then you may need
a scale to weigh out your resin for the correct mix ratio.

The vacuum casting unit is useful if you want to do high volume (up to
500) of very complex thin wall castings to simulate and sometimes
replace injection molded parts.

Best regards,
Michael Tsenter

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kevin smith wrote:
> Dear RPListing,
>                           I'm looking to make some vacuum casting
> parts for my project I got master parts. Could someone please guide me
> for following points (Pl. note I'm looking for advice not for
> quotation) :
> 1,
> Is it must to use vacuum casting machine to take the bubble out of
> silicon rubber mold? I'm seeking for any cheap alternative. I saw many
> hobby people using home made machines using small vacuum pump for this
> purpose and using microwave for curing the tool. Pl. share your
> experience or if any other possibilities.
> 2,
> Where can I buy raw material for silicon mold and different grades of
> PU materials to pour in the tool.
> 3,
> Any difference between RTV and Vacuum casting process ? Any web site
> dedicated for helping on these processes or book explaining these
> processes would be highly appreciated. Thanking you.
> Best Regards,
> Kevin Smith
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