looking for advise

From: A. Yakovlev (magnum777@mail.ru)
Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 11:40:21 EET

Dear colleagues,

I would ask you for advise.

We have CNC table TRUMPH LASMA1054 (3 separate axis + 2 rotational)
The interface/language of CNC is SINUMERIK 840D (traditional CNC machining). Now this device connected with Nd:YAG laser and most time used for cladding or cutting.
We are going to start some activities in RP and have to adapt existing CNC software for this purpose.
So, is it possible to convert STL files into language of SINUMERIK 840D? Also we would purchase software for converting 2D vector graphic (*.cdr, *.dxf) into 840D. Would you reccomend some existing software or company to develop it?

In addition: the process is based on coaxial nozzle, we have to scan each layer to produce it. Also there is possibility to apply 2 rotational axis for producing inclined surfaces.

Thanks in advance,
Artem Yakovlev, PhD
ENISE, St. Etienne, France
phone +33(0)477437549
fax +33(0)477438499

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