RE: Photoshop artwork to 2D cad format

From: Blasch, Larry (
Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 22:29:43 EET


I have used Corel Draw (Corel Trace) to do raster to vector conversion with
limited success. It all depends on what your goal is. When you say linework
in Photoshop, what do you mean?

Are you attempting to produce a simple trace of a monochrome raster image?

If so, Corel Trace may work for you just fine. the program allows a variety
of trace settings.

If you are attempting to convert shaded texture images, the result will be
far from perfect.


Larry Blasch

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From: Kevin Fortin []
Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 12:41 PM
Subject: Photoshop artwork to 2D cad format

Hello list,

I was wondering if any of you know of a way to take some linework in
Photoshop and get it into a format I can use for my CNC mills.
(.dwg,.dxf,.igs )

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Kevin Fortin
Prototypes, Etc

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