Re: size(s) limitation(s)

From: Paul Suomala (
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 15:25:06 EET

 I cannot speak for all the RP process but perhaps can give you some
 Recently I encountered a file that is 215Mb and, if memory serves me
correctly, approximately 2.5 - 3 million triangles. I was not able to
wait long enough for this file to come up in an STL viewer on a PIII
with 256mb ram.
 I was able to eventually handle it (slowly) on another computer with
1gb ram, dual PIII Xenon processors and Raid 0 hard drive configuration.

 My conclusion at this time is that the only limitation is the
configuration of the PC you have...
 But I wonder why you are asking about this ?

Best regards,
Paul S
Christian LAVIGNE wrote:

> Dear RP fellows,
> is it known a theoretical size limitation for an STL file (number of
> triangles or Mb) ?
> Or, is it known a practical size limitation for an STL file used for
> building a SLA, or SLS, or FDM...part ?
> (Perhaps each RP device, each machine, each driver has its own
> limitation ?)
> Thanks for your infos and experience on this small topic.
> ***********************
> Christian LAVIGNE
> ***********************

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