Off Topic Press Release from Sanders Design (Should be of interest to anyone who flies commercially)

Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 18:42:04 EET

Attached is a press release on one of our new developments, which might be of interest to anyone who flies in commercial aircraft.

Al Hastbacka

January 23, 2003

From: Al Hastbacka
Summary: Airline Countermeasure for Shoulder Fired Infrared Missiles.

Wilton, NH. — Sanders Design International, Inc. (SDI) announced today that it filed a U.S. Patent disclosure for an infrared countermeasure (IRCM) self-protection system for low-flying commercial airliners and military aircraft from shoulder fired infrared (IR) seeking missiles at any uncontrolled airport vicinity. Currently, the 6800 U.S. commercial aircraft are vulnerable from IR guided missiles during low level approach, landing, and take-off situations up to 15,000 feet altitude. Based upon a successful SDI fielded development, Sanders infrared countermeasure (SICM) invention provides modulated infrared sources that cause IR missiles to miss the intended aircraft by a safe distance.

The low-cost SICM infrared sources mounted on the targeted aircraft offers near perfect protection at a small fraction of cost for currently available IRCM systems valued at one million dollars or more per aircraft. The projected reliability of the system based on IR source life is within standard maintenance periods and serviceable by airline ground personnel.

The U.S. Air Force earlier recognized the IR missile problem for military ‘legacy’ aircraft and for commercial airliners by issuing a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program (Topic AF03-248), which SDI has responded with a SICM proposal. SDI is seeking a ‘Fast Track’ partner for advanced engineering development of the SICM concept for commercial aircraft protection from terrorist IR missiles.

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