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Date: Fri Jan 24 2003 - 03:05:37 EET


I think Christian is asking about slicers, not viewers. I would also like
to know if anyone has encountered problems with large stl files. I remember
when we actually used our Kira machine (the old A3 version), the slicer
limited file sizes to around 100k triangles. Probably most files exceed
that number these days. I believe the problem related to the file handling
protocol, which probably used an arbitrary allocation that was deemed
reasonable at the time (remember Bill Gates thinking that 640k was good
enough for any application?). My guess is therefore that the older the OS
for the RP machine, the smaller the maximum file size.

I don't know whether Christian is interested because he has encountered
such a problem (Christian?), or whether (like me) he is just interested as
to whether such a problem still exists and would like to know the
limitations. If it does still exist, I guess the only way is to cut the
model up into pieces and assemble it later.


At 08:25 AM 1/23/2003 -0500, you wrote:
> I cannot speak for all the RP process but perhaps can give you some
> Recently I encountered a file that is 215Mb and, if memory serves me
>correctly, approximately 2.5 - 3 million triangles. I was not able to
>wait long enough for this file to come up in an STL viewer on a PIII
>with 256mb ram.
> I was able to eventually handle it (slowly) on another computer with
>1gb ram, dual PIII Xenon processors and Raid 0 hard drive configuration.
> My conclusion at this time is that the only limitation is the
>configuration of the PC you have...
> But I wonder why you are asking about this ?
>Best regards,
>Paul S
>Christian LAVIGNE wrote:
> > Dear RP fellows,
> >
> > is it known a theoretical size limitation for an STL file (number of
> > triangles or Mb) ?
> > Or, is it known a practical size limitation for an STL file used for
> > building a SLA, or SLS, or FDM...part ?
> > (Perhaps each RP device, each machine, each driver has its own
> > limitation ?)
> >
> > Thanks for your infos and experience on this small topic.
> >
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> > Christian LAVIGNE
> >
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