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From: Christian LAVIGNE (
Date: Fri Jan 24 2003 - 18:02:48 EET

Cher Ian,
Mr Suomala,
and dear RP fellows,

yes I have encountered too, as Mr Suomala said, problems with viewers
and PCs which can't handle large STL files, or whith softwares (and
hardwares ?) which are not able to perform boolean operations on large
3D files. For exemple I had many problem with one of my digital
sculpture named "Cybersaly" that represents an head made with many small
heads (that I got from the Cyberware digitizing of my wife's head: a few
pictures in the middle of the page for those who want see
piece). And MATERIALISE, the famous (and good) European company which
helped me to build the piece encountered also a few problems with the
SLS machine. The file was around 140Mb.

Now, because I'm starting a small firm for "cybersculptors", architects
and designers, I have a potential customer who created mathematical
sculptures whose STL files sizes are more than 200Mb and who is asking
me if he needs to reduce the number of triangles to fit the
possibilities of RP machines. That's a good question! Moreover, he adds
- and I know that very well with my own works - that to reduce meshes is
often a long time consuming process.

That's why I'm asking if someone uses to work with large STL files, and
what kind of problems he may have encountered.

Merci tous !

Christian LAVIGNE

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