Smart Feed on 2500+ / Vanguard

Date: Fri Jan 24 2003 - 21:28:16 EET

We have a Sinterstation 2500+ that has been upgraded to a Vanguard machine.
After a minor incident (short feeding) with a build last weekend, I have
decided to turn on "Smart Feed". I've never had the need to use it before
so can anyone tell me if there is anything I need to consider before I try
it? I don't want to create a whole different problem since I am running a
very large build because I could just set the feed amounts myself and all
problems could be avoided - just thought I would try it in case I ever
needed it again.

On a different note, large STL files have been a topic of late on RP-ML. I
received an 85 MB STL file today but the Build Setup software declares it
is not a valid STL file even though Unigraphics will import it just fine
and even the preview thumbnail in Build Setup displays the model. Anyone
have any ideas how I can make this work? We don't have any of the great
STL manipulating software so unless someone would like to volunteer to
attempt to fix it for me, I'm not sure what other options I have other than
sending it back upstream to whoever originally created the file (last
resort since it was done as a favor to someone else). I do know it is a
gigantic model (approx. 400"x 400"x400") and will need to be scaled down to
fit the available build area -- if I can ever get it into Build Setup!.

Brad Brown
Rapid Prototype Modeling Technician
Wright Medical Technology
(901) 867-4718

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