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>Hello RP'ers,
>I have a resin question for the group. I have a customer who wants to
>make some tiny little parts on a high-res SL machine for a medical
>application. Trouble is, he needs the parts for a process similar to
>investment casting wherein he will shell them with something, and then
>dissolve the SL part back out of the shell. He can't use high
>temperatures as in investment casting -- he needs to use a solvent.
>So, is anyone aware of a resin that can be used in a high-res SL machine
>(either a Viper or a 250HR) that can dissolve in acetone, xylene, MEK, or
>other such nasty chemical? Do the old acrylates dissolve? My customer
>has told me that just softening or deteriorating is not good enough -- it
>has to dissolve. If this does exist, do you know of a vendor who has this
>combination to whom I can outsource the job?
>Thanks in advance for your time,
>Rob Connelly
>FineLine Prototyping, Inc.
>6300 Limousine DR
>Suite 130
>Raleigh, NC 27613
Hi Rob:

Rather than outsource this to a stereolithography vendor, you might consider
a couple of new processes which are squarely aimed at this sort of mesoscale
application. MEMGen is commercializing one now, but the Shape Depostion
Manufacturing (SDM) process being developed at Stanford might be right on the
money. Tiny fugitive molds are applications of both technologies. There are
links to the Stanford site on this page in our directory:

and MEMGen is at


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