Re: Dissolving SL Resin?

From: James McMurray (
Date: Mon Jan 27 2003 - 18:24:29 EET

Paul, Thanks for the information regarding the build material. Good to have. I never ran the temp. up that far, but I have experienced the floating, sticky goo at lower temps. The solvent information is great also.


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   The "Sanders" green material goes to liquid state at 95 Deg C.
  It is attacked (at room temperature) very rapidly by acetone (isopropyl alcohol works but is a little slower). If evacuation must be completed at room temperature, either of these would remove all the green material with adequate flushing.
   Autoclaving is an alternative if that is an acceptable temperature. However,
   I presume the investment substitute displays unacceptable behavior at elevated temperatures or Rob would not be so specific about that requirement.
   Rob - does the project HAVE to be made from SLA material? If so, I should think the material providers know what destroys their material(s).

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  Paul S

  James McMurray wrote:

    Rob, Even though the Sanders support wax will dissolve at 60 deg. C in BioAct the build material needs a much higher temp. and then it doesn't really dissolve it melts into a floating goo that sticks to itself and any strainers in the bath. I would talk to the Solid-Scape folks and find out what it will dissolve in, and at what temperature. Chances are it will dissolve in an easy to obtain solvent. Then the problem becomes does the solvent breakdown the mold material.You might try to see if the customer can allow steam dewaxing. That might clean out the mold well enough and not ruin it for his purposes. Regards,James
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       Hi Rob -
      How about using the Sanders process? The support wax used in this process will dissolve at approx. 60 deg. C. using BioAct as a solvent.

      - Stanley

      At 08:48 PM 1/23/2003 -0500, Rob Connelly wrote:

        Hello RP'ers,
        I have a resin question for the group. I have a customer who wants to make some tiny little parts on a high-res SL machine for a medical application. Trouble is, he needs the parts for a process similar to investment casting wherein he will shell them with something, and then dissolve the SL part back out of the shell. He can't use high temperatures as in investment casting -- he needs to use a solvent.

        So, is anyone aware of a resin that can be used in a high-res SL machine (either a Viper or a 250HR) that can dissolve in acetone, xylene, MEK, or other such nasty chemical? Do the old acrylates dissolve? My customer has told me that just softening or deteriorating is not good enough -- it has to dissolve. If this does exist, do you know of a vendor who has this combination to whom I can outsource the job?

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