Re: Painting Urethane parts

From: Michael Tsenter (
Date: Mon Jan 27 2003 - 20:45:09 EET

Hi Andrew:

Some of our customers use a primer and then PPG automotive paint. The mold
release that you use on the molds should be a paintable mold release. You can
contact Stoner, Inc. 717-786-7355 to get the right release.

Also, when you make so many parts, a better alternative, if possible, would be
to color match the resin.
Our PC1121/G121 system works well for color matching and produces a tough rigid
part that simulated ABS.

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Michael Tsenter

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Andrew Miller wrote:
> I need suggestions on paint for Cast urethane parts
> We have in the past had quite good sucsess with urethane based automotive
> paint.  But it is quite knoxious in anything but small doses.
> We may have a need to hand paint 500 models.  And are in need of paint that
> doesn't require $50,000 in ventilation equipment to use.
> We must have a hard finish that bonds well.
> any suggestion are welcome.

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