MBE firm seeks to restructure.

From: Gairy (gairy@upscalemortgage.net)
Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 00:58:26 EET

5 year old Design & Prototyping firm looking to reposition ownership
interest to allow for continued growth and/or certification as an MBE. The
company is ranked as one of the fastest growing business in its state, and
it has no long-term debt outside of its original investors. All but one
piece of equipment is owned outright and it is all housed in a leased high
tech industrial facility. The company has sound marketing practices and
maintains an extensive client list of more then 250 accounts in several
industry segments. This opportunity requires that the business be purchased
outright or 40% ownership be acquired by the right buyer. If purchased
outright, the current managers will stay on and run the operation as needed
up to 3 years. If 40% of the business is purchase, it must be done in a way
that will allow the company to continue to pursue MBE opportunities and
expand its current client relationships as an MBE.

The ideal buyer will be a manufacturer seeking to add Design and RP
capabilities, expand market possibilities by partnering with and MBE; a
similar firm seeking to add locations; an experienced product development
individual who wants to work in the business and help it to continue to

All interested parties reply to this email. Serious inquires only please.

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