Urethane resin in place of wax in foundry parts

From: Lamar Davidge (lamar.davidge@airmail.net)
Date: Wed Jan 29 2003 - 07:44:01 EET

I think this question has been asked from time to time. Does anyone know of
a resin that will work as a replacement for wax in foundry patterns? Also,
has anyone had any luck pouring wax into silicone molds? I would think that
the shrinkage would be a real problem.

I am also looking for a foundry capable of casting some parts in sizes up to
about 15 lbs, although 90% of the parts would be less than 2 lbs. The
materials I will be looking at casting are, 310ss, x45, hastx,
nimonic263/haynes263 , L605, fsx414 , inco x750. Any help locating a foundry
within the US, or overseas, would be appreciated.


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