World's biggest stereolithography machine: Materialise / Mammoth III

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Date: Thu Jan 30 2003 - 09:56:46 EET

To see pictures about these giant stereolithography machines and their
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Related info is given below (ref : Materialise Today newsletter Volume 3 -
A remarkable statue is standing in the hall of the Materialise headquarters
in Leuven, attracting attention of anyone entering the building. It is a
reproduction of the ancient Greek Kouros sculpture with a length of almost 6
ft (1,86m).
The making of this Kouros statue was part of the ECO-marble project which
Materialise is involved in. This project concerns the reproduction of
sculptures, for which different techniques were studied.
Other participants of the project were GEO-Analysis (taking care of the
scanning of the sculptures), the Focke Museum in Bremen, The Fitzwilliam
Museum of Archeology of Cambridge and the Archaeological Receipts Fund in
The aim for Materialise was to make a life size 'replica' of Kouros. A
Kouros is considered today as one of the most distinctive products of the
Archaic era, the period of ancient Greek history from about 650 to 500 B.C.
In this period Kouros life size sculptures were used to mark graves or stood
near temples as gifts dedicated to the gods. A Kouros was always an
athleticlooking male nude standing in a frontal pose. His left foot was
slightly forward, his arms were held close to his sides and occasionally
bent at the elbows. His hands were clenched. Kouroi were not portraits of
people, but a more general representation of youth and strength.
The preparation time for the scanned data took one day, Materialise then
built the Kouros on its Mammoth II machine.
This stereolithography machine with a build area of 2150x620x500mm built the
statue with a layer thickness of 0.15mm.
The part was ready after 99h, 22min. and 55s.
Being about 1,86m high and with a volume of 10 litres and a wall thickness
of 5mm, this life size Kouros had used 16 kg of PolyPox resin. The weight of
the statue after removing the support structures was about 11 kg.
After covering the statue with an UV-paint, Kouros was ready to stand up
Standing steadily on his feet, this prototype statue - perfectly
illustrating Materialise' giant stereolithography capacity - would from now
be the centre of curiosity for visitors to the Materialise booth on fairs
all over Europe. We will gladly tell you its mythic story.
Building of the Kouros on the Mammoth machine. Status after 24h and 86h
building time.

Mammoth III: A third giant machine:
With in-house developed Mammoth machines, Materialise provides unique
solutions for large stereolithography parts. These Mammoth machines are
unique because of their build volume and speed. The machines run on the
PolyPox resin and are most currently used for large automotive parts.
Materialise recently expanded its capacity with a third Mammoth machine.
This new giant stereolithography machine has a build volume of
2100x650x600mm. Mammoth III was built as a result of the constantly growing
demand of automotive companies for large SLA prototypes built in one piece
e.g. dashboards, bumpers, interior trim parts... These parts are generally
used as functional parts in all kinds of tests (depending on the kind of
finishing or reinforcement).

For more info: > Materialise Today Vol. 3,

Erkut Negis

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