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Date: Thu Jan 30 2003 - 18:07:59 EET

Hello All,

I agree with Robert Thompson, use epoxy with care. To my knowledge no
epoxy resin material has passed the USP Class VI testing required for
the possibility of in-vivo use. Even with that in place, you would need
to run parts and have them incubated and tested for contaminants in your
specific manufacturing setting. With those numbers in hand you could
run actual sterilization tests to determine if specific types of
sterilization (steam, gas, irradiation) and their parameters that would
provide the sterility assurance needed.

In SLA the only material known to be used in this way is Stereocol, now
made by Vantico. There are materials for SLS and FDM that are also USP
Class VI, just so you know.

Kind regards,

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Hi all,

We do quite a few SLA models for hospitals here in Perth and have been
told that the epoxy resin is ideal for surgical environment, the reason
is, you sterilise it by placing the part in an Ultraviolet apparatus.
Ultraviolet is an excellent steriliser. Kind regards

Francois Primon
Solid Concepts Pty Ltd

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> Greg/List,
> be very careful before using epoxy material in the surgical
> environment.
> was not designed for this and I would not recommend it. StereoCol
> however can be sterilised not only by ETO gas, but also by autoclave
> steam (can
> fine features and effect surface finish), peroxide plasma (Sterrad),
> gamma radiation, and betadine liquid soak.
> Kind regards,
> Robert Thompson
> Biomodelling Manager
> Anatomics Pty. Ltd.
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> > Dear List,
> > Does anyone know if SLA epoxy resin can be sterilised for medical
> applications?
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> > Best regards
> > Greg
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