RE: Has anyone used orange solvents for cleaning parts?

From: Deanda, Jerrold (
Date: Thu Jan 30 2003 - 19:07:38 EET

  We tried the limonene based solvents and even got straight limonene once.
It didn't cut the resin we were using at the time. I'm not sure which resin
it was, but it would be one of the first Ciba Geigy materials used in the
SLA 250. We haven't tried it since. We're using TPM, followed by isopropyl
alcohol, then a light spritz with water. We either blow dry the parts or
just wipe them with a clean white rag. Alcohol by itself actually works fine
with Vantico 5410 and 5220. With the 5430 (high temp), it works fair as long
as the resin hasn't thickened from age and QuickCast building. Once it's
thick, we never did find anything that cut it very well.
  In a pinch, we've used lacquer thinner for cleaning parts. It gets them
clean, but you'll run into the same environmental troubles as you do with
alcohol or TPM.

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Subject: Has anyone used orange solvents for cleaning parts?
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We are trying to install an SLA 250 in our R&D lab/shop. We've run into
problems with using TPM (environmental & costs). Has anyone ever used
D-Limonene or Citrus Burst solvents to clean SLA parts? We will be using
either Cibatool or SOMOS photopolymer resin epoxy.

Stacey Russell

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