RE: Resolution/Minimum feature size A NEW technology

From: Kevin Lafferty (
Date: Fri Jan 31 2003 - 02:10:52 EET

All good points Sheba. I too have visited this sight and wondered about the
machines capabilities, price and availability. I would be interested in any
info anyone else might have.

Kevin Lafferty

Although, since the material doesn't appear to be castable it doesn't
answer this particular guy's question.

I've seen this site mentioned before, and it does leave me with a lot
of questions. Is this machine available in the US? Do any service
bureaus have it? What did the list price turn out to be? How does it
handle undercutting? How are the process and the parts different from

There is only one tiny picture of a part made by the machine - not
really enough to tell what it can do.


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