Casting / Prototype Materials for Nasty Environment

From: Brad Fulghum (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 21:07:34 EET

Greetings All!

We are developing a product for a client which has some rather severe
mechanical test requirements. This is a hand held test instrument, and
the 2 part housing must pass the tests for plastic materials as defined
for an "Intrinsically Safe" package (potentially explosive environment).
We'd like to do the housing prototypes in a cast urethane or similar,
but have had no success finding a material which will pass the falling
dart test ( 2.2 lb steel weight with 1" dia. sphere at the impact point
from about 28 inches). I won't even get into the other requirements.

Anyone run up against this in the past? Any suggestions would be


Brad Fulghum
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