Good News :North Carolina State University buys Arcam EBM S12 system

From: Yannick Loisance (
Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 20:39:10 EET

Dear RP Survivors,

As an ARCAM agent for France , I am very proud to inform you of my friend Marcus press release, which could be interesting for the RP community.
Best regards
Yannick Loisance
Multistation SA

North Carolina State University buys Arcam EBM S12 system.
 Arcam has received an order for an EBM S12 system to North Carolina State University (NCSU), Raleigh, USA. The system will be used for advanced prototyping and Low Volume Manufacturing for aerospace, automotive and medical applications.
Delivery is planned for Q1-2003.

Arcams EBM-based Free Form Fabrication technology makes possible direct manufacturing of complex geometries in solid steel. Typical application areas include advanced rapid prototyping for automotive and aerospace industry, as well as advanced tooling featuring the possibilities of conformal cooling.

 For more information please contact Magnus René, CEO, +46 702 79 89 99

Magnus René
Managing Director
Arcam AB
Krokslätts Fabriker 30
S-431 37 Mölndal, Sweden
Phone: +46 31 710 32 00 (Direct 710 32 39)
Mobile: +46 702 79 89 99

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