Filled resin available on all machines platforms now

Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 14:51:22 EET

Dear list,

within the last months Alphaform AG has performed a lot of tests and now
finally is running a ceramic filled SLA resin on SLA 5000, SLA500, SLA350
and STEREOS systems up to 600x600x400mm build envelope. First results were
presented at Euromold in december and created a lot of interest in the
european market.
More than 1500 parts already have been build and pushed applications for
SLA parts into complete new directions.
This resin is the first composite-producing liquid resin for conventional
SLA technology. It is creating extremely stiff and strong parts with
highest heat deflection temperature(>250C). Current applications include
lighting reflectors, pump housings, impellers, wind tunnel testing, beamer
housings and even direct molds for injection molding process. The resin is
giving you a tensile strength of >80MPa (11.500psi) and a flex. strength
higher than 120MPa (17.000psi).
Due to the filler content the shrinkage is extremly low , so precision is
best you can get in SLA technology, in addition the surface quality is
superior to conventional resins.
If you need more information, get in contact offline.

about Alphaform AG:
Alphaform AG is one of the leading european RP companies, running 7 MAX 600
machines (600x600x400mm) with Somos 7120, Somos9120, Somos 10120 and Somos
12120, in addition 2 SLA 500 (solid state upgraded), 1SLA 5000, 1SLA 350,
1SLA 250 (solid state upgraded), and 5 additional STEREOS systems with
various resins. Alphaform AG provides SLS parts (nylon/polystyrene) made
on 7 EOSINT/DTM Sinterstations.
Alphaform AG is specialised in laser upgrades for all types of machines and
consulting for any upcoming problem related to SLA technology.

Ralf Deuke
Manager RP Technologies
tel. +49 (0) 89-90 50 02-51

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