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Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 11:40:14 EET

we see an increasing need for high temp SLA (<100C) and to be prepared we
do offer 3 steps for high temp. SLA

1. DSM Somos 7120 (tested up to 100C) in water, oil, etc.
2. upcoming new resin (125-140C) , also very stable but more flexible at
high temperature (several jobs already done)
3. ceramic filled material, stable up to more than 250C, brittle but
excellent precision and surface

about Alphaform AG:
Alphaform AG is one of the leading european RP companies, running 7 MAX 600
machines (600x600x400mm) with Somos 7120, Somos9120, Somos 10120 and Somos
12120, in addition 2 SLA 500 (solid state upgraded), 1SLA 5000, 1SLA 350,
1SLA 250 (solid state upgraded), and 5 additional STEREOS systems with
various resins. Alphaform AG provides SLS parts (nylon/polystyrene) made
on 7 EOSINT/DTM Sinterstations.
Alphaform AG is specialised in laser upgrades for all types of machines and
consulting for any upcoming problem related to SLA technology.


Ralf Deuke
Business Manager
RP Technologies
Alphaform AG
Kapellenstrasse 10
D-85622 Feldkirchen
tel. +49 (0) 89-90 50 02-51
Fax +49 (0) 89-90 50 02-53

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My source for High Temp SLA parts is no longer running the material. Their
reason was a lack of need, are their other reasons? I'm looking for a

Pro2 Technologies
John Howarter
Manufacturing Consultant
E. Peoria, IL. 61611
(309) 272-0023
Fax: (309) 694-1363
Cell (309) 696-0852

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