Brass casting

From: Paul Bernhard (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 16:42:40 EET

Dear list,

I am looking for a company that is able to cast on or more large parts
in brass. The parts has a trophy- like shape with outer dimensions of
131 x 131 x 311 mm and a net volume of 168 cm3. There would possibly be
a second (similar) part that is 450 mm high. Only 1 or 2 castings would
be necessary, so Quick Cast would probably be the method of choice.
We would subcontract the whole project (including SLA) to a company that
feels comfortable with that kind and size of part. Surface quality has
to be high. STL file can be made available.

Please respond off-list. Thanks in advance for any response

Paul Bernhard

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