RE: CT scan data into 3D model

From: Bibb, Richard (PDR) (
Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 10:30:52 EET

Dear List,
I would just like to reinforce the comments made by Robert Thompson from
Anatomics who is quite right in what he told the list. You gave a very
sensible response to the query - thanks Robert.
PDR would offer exactly the same advice and offer similar services in the
I have also responded off list in more detail to Randy Howard.
However, I would just point out in the interests of fairness that other
software exists that does the same job as their software, such as Mimics
from Materialise.
PDR conduct collaborative research on CAD and RP in the design and
manufacture of implants and prostheses but these developments are some years
away from becoming common practice.
kind regards,
Dr. Richard Bibb
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