Laser Machining Centre for sale

From: Graham Scott (
Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 11:51:06 EET

In early 2000, 3T RPD acquired a DML40 laser-machining centre from DMG. This
machine uses a laser to oblate material in layers down to 2 micron thick,
thus producing incredibly detailed cavities that can be used for injection
moulding, die casting etc. The laser spot is variable and currently set to
50 micron. Working from stl data the machine prepares "toolpaths" and runs

The technology can be used to cut a variety of materials including ceramics,
graphite, steels in all states even industrial diamond and boron nitride!

However now due to the break up of our toolroom we are seeking to dispose of
this machine together with a high specification, hardly used Agie Innovation
2 spark eroder.

Some general data and pictures are on our website at , if
you have specific interest please contact Tim Plunkett via the RPML or via

It is not all bad news; we are just installing the large P700 laser
sintering system from EOS to compliment our existing 2 x P360's and DTM


Tim Plunkett

3T RPD Ltd.

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