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Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 16:57:48 EET

To Christian & all RPers,

I seen this process in St. Louis, MO I stopped & got the information. I was very interested in this, but didn't go any further. I don't remember the name of the mall, but it was on the corner of Route #100 (Manchester rd.) & Interstate 270. They do have this machine at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL as well.
Here is the information, I hope this helps?
Vitro Laser Group
4555 Excel
Addison, TX 75001
Web site:
Pres. Ken Morrison

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I recently saw a three dimensional model inside of crystal (or glass) which was made with a laser. Does anyone have detailed information on this process?
Bonjour Al,

I think that you got the answer: a laser beam is focused into a crystal block (optical quality glass), and it creates a "cloud" of small bubbles of plasma. So, you can engrave 2D pictures (drawings, photos,...) or 3D shapes (from DXF, STL...).

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