From: Karen Morris (Kmorris@materialise.com)
Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 18:42:04 EET

Dear Ron,

You name and application need was forwarded to me as a result of your
question posted on the rapid prototyping list. It is great to hear of your
interest in taking CT scan data and converting it into a file type that can
be used by SolidWorks and/or ProE to create a 3D solid model. Additionally,
you expressed interest in saving the model as an STL file, as well as
designing a prosthesis based on the patient-specific geometry. This can be
accomplished using our Mimics software.

I am not sure if you are familiar with the application and interface options
that Mimics provides, therefore I have also included an overview of Mimics
and its modules.

MIMICS is an interactive tool that reads CT/MRI data. Segmentation and
editing tools enable the users to manipulate the data to select bone, soft
tissue, skin, etc. Once an area of interest is separated, it can be
visualized in 3D. A file can then be created in CTM to interface with a
various Rapid Prototyping machines. Mimics exports files specific to the
machine such as STL, slice, etc. In addition to Rapid Prototyping, Mimics
can interface with CAD systems through our MedCAD module by outputting IGES
files or inputting STL files. Mimics also provides a unique link to Finite
Element Analysis (FEA).

Companies/Universities that are interested in Mimics can conduct an
evaluation to decide if it meets their application needs. This can be done
by requesting a CD and manual or downloading the latest Mimics software from
our web site www.materialise.com
Sample data and tutorials are available via downloaded from our FTP site:

You will need the following files:
 Mimic Tutorial.doc

Once Mimics is installed, a registration screen will request passwords and
provide a System ID#.

I will need the System ID# e-mailed to: mimics@materialise.com and a
password will be generated for a free one-month evaluation.

I will also need the following information...

Company/University name:
System ID#:

Detailed description of each module:

Interactively reads CT/MRI data (2D uncompressed images). Segmentation and
editing tools enable the users to manipulate the data to select bone, soft
tissue, skin, etc. Once an area of interest is separated, it can be
visualized in 3D.
CTM interface to Rapid Prototyping
Once a computer 3D model has been created in Mimics, the CTM module
generates a file for a Rapid Prototyping System, so you can create a
physical 3D model.

If you choose to generate slice file for building your Rapid Prototype in
CTM, CSUP will automatically generate the support structures that are

MedCAD interface to CAD & FEA
MedCAD is the module that interfaces with a CAD system. MedCAD outputs
surfaces, curves and objects via IGES files and imports CAD data via STL
files. The user can import an implant and visualize the fit in 3D and in 2D
cross sections. Export PATRAN Neutral files to FEA (PATRAN can interface
with NASTRAN, ABAQUS, ANSYS and many other FEA packages). It is also
possible to export density information for FEA.
CT-convert interface from CT/MRI Data
Conversion package that enables you to import CT and MRI data from optical
disc for GE, Siemens, Philips, Hitachi, Toshiba and YMS scanners. It also
allows you to import CT or MRI data from GE DAT tapes as well as Picker 8-mm

Mimics also interfaces with our Magics software:

Magics RP:
Ensures that the CAD-data is easily translated into machine files. Some of
the automated and advanced features include visualization of 3D CAD models,
measuring on STL files, STL repair, as well as intuitive RP work preparation
and STL manipulation.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Kind Regards,
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Download Mimics at:
> http://www.materialise.com
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